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GenerosityLabs exists to be a clearinghouse for generosity and giving, focused on mobile, digital and text giving for churches. We are dedicated to equipping church leaders with the best insights, community and resources we can offer. Generosity and Giving, as it relates to the Church, is one of the biggest and most important conversations we can have across faith communities.  We believe that giving is an act of worship, and we are passionate about helping churches develop giving as a robust part of their community life. Working with our team, and a team of experts, we will help churches understand how to get generosity to flourish from the inside out. 

On The Generosity Labs Podcast, hosted by Kenny Jahng, we talk about one thing… Generosity. We talk to pastors, consultants, digital giving providers and churches who have embraced and established a flourishing, generous culture. You can check out a few sample episodes below.Check out the Generosity Labs Podcast on iTunes.

Also be sure to check out the GenLabs Blog

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