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The new Christian reading experience

Now there’s a way for Christian readers like you to enjoy your personal reading time anywhere! Your Vyrso experience is designed to bring you the best Christian titles on any mobile device, providing you with a virtual Christian bookshelf that goes wherever you go.

Ebooks Enriched: Bringing the Bible into your ebooks

With a simple touch, Vyrso shows you the Bible passages that your ebooks reference. This is a wonderful timesaver, allowing you to read the Bible along with your favorite Christian authors’ ebooks. Our cross-library search tool helps you find what every ebook in your bookshelf says about a given topic; you can find the quotes and passages you want in no time!

The Logos Ecosystem: Ebooks and beyond

Vyrso connects your personal reading material with the power of Logos Bible Software, integrating all your Bible study materials with your Christian book collection. You’ll love the way Vyrso and Logos create a unique study experience to give you a rich, biblical background for whatever ebook you read.


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